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Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root.

We specialize in hair removal and use two different waxes (soft and hard) custom-blended from Europe, which removes hair at the root and doesn't stick to the skin, leaving the skin smooth. The experience is as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

Brazilian Bikini Wax removes all hair in the front as well as labia hair. The tush is included, but optional. Optional landing strip or inverted triangle in the front, with no extra charge. "Landing strip" applies to the Brazilian waxing only. $50

Classic Bikini removes only hair outside the panty line...with tush $35

Deep line. The itsy bitsy gives a very high thong cut in the front and does not remove any labia hair...with tush $40


Our Prices:



Brow wax


Lip wax


Chin wax


Sides of face




Chest wax


Back wax


Full legs wax


Half legs wax


Full arm wax


Half arm wax








Toes wax


Underarm wax


Brazilian wax ( within 4 weeks)


 "Waxing FAQ"

When you say Brazilian, what do you mean?

The definition varies. For us, if we remove the labia hair it is a Brazilian regardless of what you leave or don't leave on top, a line, a triangle, or nothing. Our standard Brazilian is a  (no tush) unless requested.

What's the big deal about "double-dipping?

Double-dipping is a common practice of many unethical salons. To cut costs, they dip used sticks repeatedly. This contaminates an entire wax container. Not so at the Ksenia's skin care and waxing salon! Our waxing sticks are dipped into sterile wax once, applied to the client once, and then discarded. During a single waxing session, our professional technicians may use 30 sticks or more!

How long will it last?

In order to keep the hair coming in at a reduced rate, you would come in about every 3-6 weeks. The discomfort would be about 1/3 of what it originally was because you would be having about 1/3 of your hair removed. If you follow the Rules to Wax By and come in on our recommended schedule, you should be a HAPPY CAMPER by your 2nd visit! And that is what we want, a close to pain-free wax as possible!

Are there any age restrictions on waxing?

In fact, there are. Ksenia's skin care and waxing salon is a family-friendly salon, meaning you must be at least 18 years old, or have parental approval/signature, to use our waxing services.

 "Tips and Tricks"

Between waxes – skincare maintenance and ingrown hairs…

It is not enough to simply come in once a month for your wax – it is essential that you take proper at-home care of your skin to keep it looking blemish, redness, and ingrown hair -free. And fabulously fancy.


***TIMING! TIMING! TIMING!  Because of the essential timing in getting the hair to grow back at the same rate, if you wax too early, the hair will grow back too early. Be patient! If you want your hair gone ALL the time, waxing may not be for you. There will always be a small window where you hair needs to grow out (about a week ‘s worth once you’ve been waxing a while) so that the wax has something to pull.


***DO NOT SHAVE BETWEEN WAXES.  One, this completely defeats the purpose of waxing, and two, you’re allowing your hair the chance to all grow at the same rate. If you allow your hair to get to the same growth rate, all of the hair is able to be waxed, thus all your hair will stay gone longer. AND DO NOT SHAVE RIGHT BEFORE YOUR WAX. Once again, this defeats the purpose of waxing, and if your hair is pulled out to short (if it can come out all all) it will come back in VERY SOON because the hair will break with the wax pull or it won’t come out at all.


 "How To Prepare"

Before you wax…

Exfoliate the morning of your wax with a salt or sugar scrub (salt for dry, rough, or acneic skin/sugar for sensitive skin) in gentle circular motions against the direction of hair growth. This helps to lift the hair off the skin making waxing treatment more effective. Don’t have a sugar/salt scrub? You can make one at home with your choice of sugar, and a fruit oil like coconut or avocado. Mix it all up, et voile!

Take a pain reliever (Ibuprofen, Advil, e.g.) one hour  before your appointment.

Avoid caffeine the day of your waxing treatment.

The best time to wax is the first two weeks after your period. You can still get waxed right before or during, you will just be a tad more sensitive.

Wear loose clothing to your waxing treatment – putting on tight clothing or non-breathable clothing on after freshly waxed skin can cause chafing and delay the healing process.

Do not apply moisturizer prior to your waxing treatment.

If coming in for a body treatment, wear loose clothing to your appointment, if possible. Putting on tight or non-breathable clothing after freshly waxed skin can be irritating to the skin and delay the healing process.

Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds 48 hours before (and after!) your appointment.

For facial waxing, avoid chemical peels one week prior to any waxing treatment.

Hair should be at least 1/2 of an inch long (about two weeks of hair growth) before waxing.

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