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Nov 01

The Power of Polyphenols

by Kseniasstudio

A glass of wine is a delightful indulgence that allows us to slow down at the end of a long day, to savor and enjoy the 

moment. It can be shared among friends at celebrations big or small, or perhaps enjoyed over a romantic dinner. Some 

doctors even recommend one or two glasses of red wine a day for heart health and the powerful antioxidants that help 

prevent oxidative stress on the body. In fact, antioxidants found in red wine called polyphenols offer excellent 

nutritional and, when applied topically, other beneficial properties.

Polyphenols are the most important phytochemicals found in grapes. Resveratrol, found in red wine grapes, is one of the 

most studied polyphenols because of its abundant, antioxidant. 

Grapes contain more than 1,600 antioxidant compounds and other ingredients that affect the SIRT gene involved in the 

process of aging.

Red grapes have better protective qualities and highly suitable for anti-aging treatments. Red wine contains more 

resveratrol that fights free radicals and treat hyperpigmentation quickly and effectively.Grapes that are not yet ripe and 

wine vinegar are rich in alpha acids that help remove dead cells and improve cell oxygenation and circulation.

Polyphenols are shown to protect the body from premature aging by strengthening the body's immune response: they fight 

viruses, carcinogens and inflammation.These potent antioxidants fight free radical damage in our bodies,thereby helping 

prevent degenerative disease and aging.